Friday Links: I WANTS!

Truth time -- I love childhood classics. I'm obsessed with them. I reread them when I'm a little sad, or a little happy, or when it's a special occasion. I used to read Little Women, Heidi, and Swiss Family Robinson annually. The sad part of this is the classics my mom bought me were clunky, ugly, hefty things.

But... what if my mother had bought me some of these?


Anthropologie is selling super sweet little canvas bound copies of the classics. They only have six, but at least three are regular reads still in my life.

What do you do once you have the sweetest classics ever? Put a bookplate on them so everyone knows they are yours and if they attempt to keep them while they are on loan, you'll attack. But, wait! Don't get an ugly bookplate to go with your super cute book. Get a cute bookplate from Sarah Jane Studios.


If you love to write as well as read, you might want to pick up one of her pretty little journals too.

Happy Friday!

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