Books My Son Loves: Zen Ties by Jon J Muth

Zen TiesOh, man, oh, man!  I've read this book sooooo many times.  My son is obsessed with this book.  "Read me the daddy and baby panda bear book!"  I think I could recite this book from memory and, yet, I still like it.

Though my son, age 2, would insist differently, this is the story of Stillwater the panda, his nephew Koo, his three friends, and an elderly lady who they all befriend.  There is much wordplay that goes on in the book, and even with the title of the book.  My husband was reading it out loud to my son when he said, "Oh!  Hi, Koo!  Haiku!" and I laughed that he had only got that on the second reading.  Where as, tonight, after fifteen hundred readings of it, I realized that Koo calls a gift of balloons uplifting, and I laughed again.

There's many a theme in this book that is fun to point out to a child so that they can spot it themselves.  For instance, I pointed out in one picture that everyone in it was wearing red ties and now he excitedly points out the fact to me when we read!  Additionally, I've tried to get him to point out all the apples in the book to me because I know he can be more observant than I and he's surprised me several times.

I hope that the greater theme of the book, ties within a community strengthen each member of the community, sticks with my son as well. And now, off to buy this book which I got on loan from the library.  Because if one little boy in my house doesn't have this to read, I think he might call for my head on a platter.

Stillwater Books 
  1. Zen Shorts
  2. Zen Ties

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