Friday Links: Joined a Read A Long

Well, I decided to do it.  I've been working a this blog pretty steadily over the last month.  I've read a lot, created a Twitter account, reviewed a lot, and it's been during the busiest time of the year for me.  So, I joined a read-a-long.  Specifically, the Read-A-Myth Challenge.  I'm starting at the wimpiest level of Athena which means I need to read two books which are either retellings of myths or non-fiction works on mythology.

I mean, I've already read The Goddess Test and I'm pondering my thoughts on that one and I should have a review for it up within the month.  That means all I need to do is read one other book about myths and post a review on it in the next six months.  Considering mythology is one of my favorite subjects (c'mon, you all read encyclopedia articles about mythological figures too, happily cross referencing until every encyclopedia was open around you, right?!) I think I should be able to handle this challenge.

Abandoned is probably going to be the next one I attempt since I don't know when The Goddess Test's sequel is coming out.  Unless I should give Percy Jackson another go.  Any suggestions?!

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