Friday Links: Birthday Parties

You probably are not aware, but two different people (the most important people) in my life had birthdays this week.  While one of them was too old to have a themed party (perhaps) and the other wanted a fireman themed party (with a dose of soccer), I got to thinking of book themed parties this week. 

Some of my favorite are this baby shower party with a book theme, the idea for a girl's party based on Madeline, and the best, a Mad Hatter tea party.  Have you ever thrown a book themed party?  If so, which book and how did you go about it?  Books for young boys seem to be a bit sparser than those aimed at girls, so what books would be best for them?

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  1. I saw a spy/detective theme party, where the basic idea was a treasure hunt (clearly, for somewhat older kids.) Would definitely be easy to adapt to whatever book that turned on clues caught your child's fancy..... perhaps even the Westing Game!